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What my clients say about me...

Kate Green

Wow. Thank you Jo for the Energy Audit last night (by zoom UK to NZ!!!); you literally hit the nail on the head. I will take your self-care recommendations and do the work needed, I feel so much more energy and motivation to do it, I have been neglecting that side of me and feel so much more energised and more determined to fit it in to everyday life. You said a lot of stuff that I hadn’t even voiced out loud. You have fantastic intuition and it’s wonderful to see you grow and expand with so much determination, thank you until next time.

Anna Keane

I had a lovely reiki session with Jo. She has a wonderful, calm energy. I found it very relaxing & rejuvenating. Jo gave me some very interesting feedback, clarity & a sense of calm for the future. Thank you Jo.

Sharon Sands

I was feeling burnt out and unsure of my direction when Jo crossed my path. After a deeply healing Reiki session with her I got the clarity I was looking for and felt rejuvenated and ready to go. Thank you Jo! You’re the real deal.

Claire O'Hare

Earlier today I had an Energy Audit with Jo via Zoom. I had surgery on my kidney last week and Jo and I spoke about how I was struggling with the pain. I was also struggling with giving myself the time to heal and not worry about my family, the housework, the dog, the list goes on. After our session, in which I fell asleep, I felt so relaxed. Everything that Jo picked up on made so much sense. It’s time to change my mindset and start spending some time on me! Thank you Jo xx

Nicola Wilkins

Jo is a warm and lovely person who puts her energy into her healing sessions. She is extremely knowledgeable and a great listener. I had a reiki session from Jo when I was going through lots of stress and anxiety and it really helped me relax my body and along with breathing techniques felt a sense of calm and wellbeing. Would definitely recommend Jo to anyone who needs a healing.

Julie Hutchinson

I just had an energy healing session with Jo and it was fantastic! I could feel the powerful energy all the way from New Zealand to where I am in the U.S. The consultation we had after the session about what we both were picking up and how it related to my life was phenomenal and spot-on. Jo has a delightful spirit, a pure heart, and a true commitment to transformation, both her own and yours. I highly recommend having an energy healing session with Jo!

Donna Crosby

I really enjoyed my session with Jo. She is welcoming and compassionate. Ahead of my session, she was in contact with me to explain what to expect. And during my session she was kind and caring. I really felt the areas she was focusing on. After the Reiki was done she explained the areas of blocks and what her intuition told her, which was very accurate for me. I appreciate her warm energy and her ability to heal at a distance (overseas!). I highly recommend Jo. She is a beautiful soul.

Peri Martin

I have found Jo’s weekly readings to be supportive and inspiring – just as I find Jo herself to be incredibly supportive and inspiring too. I am very grateful for her encouragement, wisdom and huge energy, which she never fails to share with great love.

Emma-Louise Hoolickin

I started my healing process and spiritual journey early last year at which point in time I felt so blocked and stuck I wasn’t expecting a lot to come from contacting a healer. Jo was recommended to me and I decided to contact her and see if she could help. I can’t put into words how glad I am that I did; she spoke in depth with me about what was holding me back and stopping me from flourishing into my soul purpose. She gave me meditations to try, advice regarding opening my chakras and changing my vibration. Shortly after, my awakening kicked in in full force and my life hasn’t been the same since. She advised me on grounding and protecting my energy. She helped me understand that I am in fact an empath and I take on others’ energy easily. She has supported me and was always there with words of encouragement when I needed them. She also includes me in her healing shares and I honestly cannot recommend Jo enough. She has genuinely been an integral part of my journey and to top it all off she’s so approachable and makes u feel at ease. Thank you Jo for everything, including pointing me in the right direction to get my beloved crystals. U truly are an amazing healer and I’m so glad I chose to use Joy Creation Healing.

Jacqueline Freeman

I was heavily pregnant and anxious about baby's position, labour and the stress and worry of lockdown. Had some sessions with Jo and they were revolutionary. Somewhat intrigued as to whether distance Reiki would work, I was a little skeptical. However, I was proved completely wrong. I felt at ease, comforted, warm and enveloped in light and love. My stress levels lowered, positivity increased and baby moved accordingly!! Jo also provided some wonderful follow-up meditations to assist in me maintaining my positive energy levels. Jo is delightful and so incredibly dedicated and talented. A natural healer, kind and incredibly easy to talk to. Trust her and you will not be disappointed. Cannot recommend her highly enough xx

Denise J. Langan

Jo is very intuitive and I really enjoyed my distant reiki session with her. She has ways to calm a busy mind and really put me at ease. At first I wasn't too sure about distant reiki but after a session with her I definitely feel more grounded and better in general. I'd recommend for anyone working through issues.

Teresa Wells

Very professional, Jo was very relaxing and made me at ease. The audit healing session was truly a wonderful experience and I felt like she was in the room with me. I have been struggling with missing family and health worries and all the lockdown and covid things. Jo got everything spot on with her findings and she was caring with her advice. Thank you so much Jo.

Martine Applegate

Jo is an absolute natural at what she does, real raw intuitive talent! I had the most amazing distant energy scan and healing session with her recently. I was finding it hard coming to terms dealing with a recent medical diagnosis of a family member. Jo was able to pinpoint which blockages I'd created, stopping me from being able to move forward. I then received a fantastic healing session to help release these and then after some meditations to do in my own time to continue with my healing. I drifted off elsewhere during the healing session and felt so relaxed and light afterwards. It really gave me the boost I needed to get out of the slump I'd found myself in. Thank you so much Jo xx

Anna Cutts

I was at a real low point over Christmas, with both spiritual and physical problems. I asked the Universe for help and it was sent in the form of Jo, who was the perfect person for the job. She was both supportive and professional and was able to help clear the spiritual blocks that I had been struggling with and also significantly ease the back pain that I have been suffering from for over 30 years! I would highly recommend Jo to anyone who feels that they need either physical or emotional support and thank her so much for being there for me – the answer to my prayer.

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