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My story...

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Everyone has a story and a trauma or two to go with it. Being an empath means I can sense and appreciate other people's feelings, which is why I do my utmost now to surround myself with those full of love and joy. Or at least those looking to achieve these states and willing to take action towards them.

This wasn't necessarily the case growing up. My go-tos were loss, fear and lack. There definitely was no love for myself and I would quite happily self-sacrifice myself for anyone else. I went through the usual self-sabotage routes. 

The problem was all my attempts at love or hiding from the fact that I didn't have it were externally focused. I'm quite surprised I survived my university days as my focus was certainly not on my health then. I wonder what the others I was partying with were running away from. Then came the reality of a job and a boss who told me a home truth I've never forgotten: 'If everyone around you is pissing you off, what's the common factor there?' 

Then came the bouts of travelling, sometimes with others but solo trips too. Yet I still couldn't stand my own company, so I'd always have to find someone to attach to. I'd like to say it was on finding my now husband in Queenstown, NZ that my life turned rosy. Unfortunately, I had a lot more to learn and a lot further to fall. We had great fun and we travelled, yet the fundamental problems remained.

I was burning the candle at both ends and I didn't even realise just how stressed I was. I was treading water, not reaching my potential or even able to smile.

Then came the course that changed my life. I wasn't expecting much from those 12 weeks, but taking that course was the turning point I needed. I was given permission to look after myself – I'd never heard of self-care. Slowly but surely it led me to self-love and that's when all the magic began.

I started a twice-daily meditation practice and a mission to change myself from fear and loss to love and acceptance. When I achieved this I couldn't stop; I had to help others find it too. People, especially women, need to know there is another way and the only way is heading within. 

Once you realise you can let go of stress, something amazing happens – it's replaced by clarity and guidance. You can't hear your intuition when it's muffled by the negative mind loop. While you're addicted to cortisol and adrenaline pumping through your body, you can't feel its subtle hints. When you ignore these things long enough, the body stops being subtle and it will send you a message you can't ignore. 

If any of this resonates and you're ready to take back control of your mind and body so your soul can finally breathe, get in touch. Let's discover what's holding you back, what you need to release to find your greatest success.

Through the work I've done on myself and the ripple effect that's been spread through my family, we have finally managed to move to NZ from the UK. Not at just any time either, during a pandemic! I couldn't have handled the stress or the unknown without healing myself first. Now is the time for you to take the first steps towards healing yourself. I can assure you: life can get better and you can create what you want in yours too.

My qualifications are Level 1 & 2 in Reiki Seichem as well as Master Teacher Trainer. I also have a BSc in Animal Biology. My approach is both scientific and spiritual, giving me my unique perspective and insight with analysis of the results.


Let me help you to rediscover the joy in the life you're creating while healing your past. 

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